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  • Its election season

    Its election season

    I have covered various political rallies lately, from Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump.  Its been interesting to say the least.  Here are some highlights.

    Danny Glover makes an appearence supporting sanders

    Donald Trump @ Spartanburg, SC

  • Storm season is in full swing

    Yesterday I had to oppertunity to film this storm as it skirted my area.  High winds and Hail were dropped by it over Spartanburg SC.  It was a beautiful sight to see.

  • RMA Star Party

    Roper Mountain Astronomers hosted a Star Party last night. It was an awesome turnout. So many scopes, so many great views. For more information about RMA, go check out

  • Some photos from the Daniel Observatory @ Roper Mountain Science center

    Some photos from the Daniel Observatory @ Roper Mountain Science center

    I am a member of the Roper Mountain Astronomers, we had a meeting last night with a presentation on Galeieo.  It was a fantastic gathering of like minded individuals with a passion for Astronomy.  After the meeting, they let me into the Daniel Observatory to take some pictures of the huge refractor.

    From Wikipedia:

    "The principal telescope at the observatory is a 58.4 cm (23.0 in) refracting telescope. the objective lens was made by Alvan Clark and Sons. The telescope, which was finished in 1882, was installed at the Halsted Observatory of Princeton University. The telescope was rebuilt in 1933 by J. W. Fecker Company. The telescope was transferred to the US Naval Observatory in 1964. In 1968, it was offered to the Greenville County School District. The telescope was renovated and an observatory was built through a donation from the Charles E. Daniel Family Foundation. It is the eighth largest refractor telescope in the United States."

    It is pretty awesome to look at and seeing some of the older mechanics involved was impressive.  Last night it zoned in on Jupiter.  The sky was slightly hazy, but some people got to see things they have never seen up close before.  

  • Storm Season 2015 is beginning

    I finally got a good storm to shoot at night, fantastic bits of lightning, it stayed far enough away so I could film it and get pictures of some good bolts.  

  • Roper Mountain Observatory

    Roper Mountain Observatory

    So I took a visit up the road to the Roper Mountain Observatory.  They house one of the largest refractor telescopes in the country.  Its a very old tube, (Late 1800's IIRC) but has been restored and kept up to date.

  • Some interesting clouds I saw the other day

    Some interesting clouds I saw the other day

    I was wandering out to walk my dogs and I saw this interesting clouds over the horizon at sunset.  Some people tell me that they could be lenticular clouds, and they could be a just recently discovered type of cloud.  (Which name I do not know off the top of my head.) Anyways, I thought they were neat.  I Tossed my 80-200 on my D810 and snapped this.

  • Some Astrophotography including Comet Lovejoy

    Some Astrophotography including Comet Lovejoy

    So above is my favorite shot of Orion's Nebula that I have snapped.  I finally got my SkyWatcher USA All View dialed in and was able to do a 120 Sec Exposure with my D810 with the 80-200 mounted to it.  F8 ISO 400

    Below is Comet lovejoy, which was a bugger to get centered.  But here it is

  • Testing out the Samyang 12mm f/2.8 AS NCS Fish-eye (Nikon D810 used as body)

    Testing out the Samyang 12mm f/2.8 AS NCS Fish-eye (Nikon D810 used as body)

    So on Canon and Nikon I have shot with the Rokinon/Samyang 14mm 2.8 MF Ultra Wide Angle.  It was an amazing lens for the price.  Friday I received the Samyang 12mm f/2.8 AS NCS Fish-eye.  Its amazing.  For the price I don't think i have found a lens that was so enjoyable.  It is relatively compact in size, has a nano coating, aperture control works....  I really have no complaints.  Here are a few of my first shots from this lens.  I shot in the Unitarirain Universalist Church of Spartanburg today, the architecture in the sanctuary is amazing.  2.8 is actually pretty sharp all around, all these shots were just quick handhelds, but I am impressed.

    And some night shots.  Still a little cloudy... but here is something:

  • Last wedding of 2014

    Last wedding of 2014

    As 2014 draws to an end I decided to knock out one last wedding of the year.  Next year it will be a bit rough toggling weddings with 18 Hours of school work, but I may be able to work a couple in.  Hope everyone had a great 2014, now on to 2015, a time where we are supposed to have flying cars and hoverboards.  

  • I love this time of the year

    I love this time of the year

    A friend of mine on facebook alerted me that there was a 22° lunar halo outside. So I wandered outside and captured it.  I love this time of year with all the neat weather phoenomina in all its glory.

  • Marraige equality is finally a reality here in South Carolina

    Marraige equality is finally a reality here in South Carolina

    Today I had the pleasure of shooting the first LEGAL same sex marraige to take place here in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  It was a beautiful ceremony at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spartanburg.  In total there were 2 weddings today back to back.  I will provide images of the second wedding as soon as the final images are approved by the couple.  It was such a fantastic day for these couples, I am so happy they can finally enjoy the same freedoms as all other South Carolinians.

  • Testing out the Nikon 20mm 1.8 on my Nikon D810

    Testing out the Nikon 20mm 1.8 on my Nikon D810

    So the 24-70 2.8 I have is "wide enough," but I saved up for the 20mm 1.8 for things such as astrophotography and low light band photography.  The lens performs very well on my D810.  Focusing is very close and F 1.8 is still pretty sharp.  I ran the lens through a few paces and have no real issues with it other than a little bit of rainbowing.  (Pictured below)  It only occured once out of 3 shots at just the right angle.  (Which you can acheive with about any lens)  The sunstars are more apparent at F/8 and non existant f/4 and below.

    I snapped this one for my dog Eva's 9th birthday

    ISO 64 - 1/320 sec - F/8

    For landscapes, I did one quick and dirty shot at F/8 and it is very sharp (as are most lenses at F/8)

    here is the crop from that image

    My conclusion will be complete when I get some night photography done on a clear evening.

  • Fall colors

    Fall colors

    Per the request of one of my friends, (Paul you know who you are) here are some shots of the fall colors coming in.  These were shot on a hike in Hendersonville NC.  

  • A Horse and a Wolf Hybrid

    A Horse and a Wolf Hybrid

    We had a little outing today with my Wife's homeschool group.  The host of the get together had horses and a Wolf Hybrid.  The wolf dog was beautiful so I wanted to get some shots of it.  It was skiddish with all the kids around, but I finally got it to warm up for a photo op.

  • Night shots on a cloudy night

    Night shots on a cloudy night

    I have been itching to get outside and get some night shots in....  The clouds showed up to make sure that it was a challenge.

  • APR BBQ 2014

    APR BBQ 2014

    So today I went out to APR Headquarters for their customer appreciation day BBQ, it was a blast.  My friend Alan and I both had our 3 year old toddlers with us... this made things a little bit "challenging," but they had a great play area of bouncy slides and castles for the kids to play in.  He and I got to enjoy the event in shifts.  My old car the MK6 GTI got its K04 v.3.1 software revision for free.  Totally worth the 4 hour road trip.  Drivability of the car was improved greatly and power delivery is much more suitable for a daily driver.  This is why I keep coming back to APR for my tunes on my VW's.  Great customer service, awesome events like this and great people.  Thanks APR!!!!  Here are some of the shots I managed to get when I had time between the retune, trying to eat the awesome BBQ and chasing down my 3 year old when he was changing his mind on what to get into.  

  • Some sample images from the D810 with the Nikon AF-S 24-70 2.8

    Some sample images from the D810 with the Nikon AF-S 24-70 2.8

    So I have my Nikon D810 all dialed in... and it is just fantastic.  Super sharp at ridiculous resolutions.  Here are some shots I got with my Nikon 24-70 2.8.  Here is one of a cow and a massive crop.

    Here is the crop of the above image:

    And the shot data

    All in all, I am very impressed.  I won't be doing any more camera body switching for some time, here is the rest of my images I took while I was out today in the back yard.

    And the storm that rolled in yesterday:

  • Storms rolling through today

    Storms rolling through today

    So some storms rolled in today and I thought I would test out my Iphone 5S's time lapse function.  Since I have no tripod for my phone, I had to use my volt as a prop. 

  • D810 Testing underway.

    D810 Testing underway.

    So I finally got some good glass finally for the Nikon D810, and its just fantastic.  I got the Nikon 24-70 f2.8 ED G AF-S N, and its about the sharpest zoom I have used.  I must have been missing out on this one back when I was shooting with my D800E, the 24-85 3.5-4.5 AF-S VR kit lens isnt horrible.... it does have VR... and I managed to capture this with the pop up flash at sunset with it:

    But..... the 24-85 just doesnt illuminate enough of the sensor in my opinion.  Vignetting happened in most bright shots.  So I did a trade for some of my sony glass for some of my friends higher end Nikon Glass.  I picked up an 80-200 f2.8D ED AF, its an older lens, but it just works.  I had to fine tune the AF a little, but once it got dialed it, it was tack sharp.  Here are some shots that I got with the 80-200 on the D810:

  • So I went Nikon to Canon, Canon to Sony and Now back to Nikon

    So I went Nikon to Canon, Canon to Sony and Now back to Nikon

    Over the years I have owned and reviewed many DSLR's as well as film bodies.  I initially shot with film till I could afford my first DSLR which was a Nikon D40x, a fantastic little 10.2 MP entry level DSLR.  I wont lie, the camera was better than I was at that time, but it helped me learn about everything I needed to know as a hobbyist.  I eventually stepped up to the D90, then the D7000, then up to the D700.  I loved the D700, it was the greatest full framer of its time in my opinion.  Low light performance was on par with the D3 and it was everything I could wish for.  The the D800 & D800E came out in a time when I was shooting a lot of weddings and Model work.  I had to have it.  So to ebay I went with my D700 and I picked up a D800E.  The D800E was fantastic... but just felt sluggish when I wanted to do anything besides landscapes.  The files were huge and ate up a ton of hard drive speced, but the quality of images it produced were insane.  I shot enough gigs to where it paid for itself, and I loved almost everything about it.

    Then I moved to SC....  I wasn't a full time photographer anymore.  I didn't own a studio anymore and was working for the post office.  I felt like I didn't have time for my photography anymore so I did something crazy and switched over to Canon.  I got a great deal on some lenses and bought a 6D.  It did everything I wanted to do as a hobbyist, ISO performance was good, (better in the 6400 and up range than anything I have used.) So I was sold for a while.  I invested in L glass and put my nose up at anything that didn't have a red ring.  I even had an EOS M and a 7D.  I sold all this eventually.

    Then Sony Announced the A7 and A7R.....  So I switched again.  I already had a Sony NEX7 that I was playing around with, I loved it, I loved the EVF and the quality of pictures it produced.  Colors were always spot on and the lens selection was great with E-Mount.  So I Plunged into an A7 and A7R.  They were both great cameras, I loved the zeiss FE mount glass but for me it felt like I never could get the AF to cooperate like they do in a Canon or Nikon.  So I had all this awesome stuff... but I felt like I just was always missing that sharp shot.  Noise handling was about as good as the D800E, but still, I just felt like it was missing something.  I then wandered into Spartan Photo and played with a D810. 

    So I bought it.  (Found a great deal on Ebay with the 24-85 3.5-4.5)  Testing is very preliminary right now, but it does everything better than my D800E.  Everything.  Pictures are sharper, AF is quicker, continuous AF works flawlessly, live view is actually usable, and it just works.  (Also quieter in operation)  So I will officially say that I am done with Camera swapping right now.  I have a couple of premium lenses coming in very soon, so I can officially put this through the ringer.  Enjoy the results that are to come.

    - Andrew

    Here is one of my first sample images with the cheap 24-85:

  • HK/Walther MP5/22

    HK/Walther MP5/22

    picked this up at the gun show here today.  For a firearm, it photographs pretty well.  And my car got new wheels.  This week was nice.